Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. CASH ONLY.


The following is a general guide, but the Tournament Director has the final say in average calculation. Your entry average for handicap purposes uses the highest league average of 21 or more games bowled during the current season and the past 3 full seasons. Leagues averages not bowled on a sport or PBA experience league will be adjusted down to the equivalent sport average. If at any time your tournament pin fall average is 20 or more pins above your entering average, you will be temporarily re-rated half the difference. Once you cashed for total of $300 or more in local TBC tournaments, your tournament average will be the higher of the entering and current tournament pinfall average. Your TBC tournament pinfall tracks your most recent 48 tournament games (excluding “NO TAP” scores). Once you have 48 games rolled on the tour, your tournament average will be established. A 10 pin drop rule is in effect. You will maintain that average until you complete another 48 game block. We used a database query that may adjust or throw out any game for any game for average purposes. This makes “bagging” virtually impossible, as a bowler has no control over the games that are entered into average history. Future league averages will not affect your club entering average unless: you go 90 without entering a TBC event, bowl less than 21 TBC tournament games in any calendar year, you let membership expire, or you have a current league average of 42 or more games that is 25 or more pins above your current TBC average. Failure to report such an average will result immediate disqualification without the refunding of fees paid.


Handicap is calculated at 90% of 205 your average. Maximum based handicap is 62 pins for women and 49 pins for men per game. “Plus Pins” (1 per tournament) are added to your handicap for each event that you do not cash. There is a maximum of 15 plus pins per game. You lose your “Plus Pins” at a rate of 1 for each $100 or portion thereof won. This system ensures that the same members aren’t taking home all of the prize money each week.

Additional Rules:

Food, drink, and easy slide are not permitted in the pit area. Only tournament bowlers and staff are permitted in the pit area. Inappropriate behavior or language could result in a fine, disqualification, suspension, and/or termination of membership – solely at the Tournament Director. We enforce “1 lane courtesy” during our competitions. Score Corrections, re-racks, and any changes to the recap must be done by a member of the tournament staff.

Dress Code:

Members must wear a shirt, with the TBC logo on either sleeve or upper chest area, and their last names permanently placed on the back of the shirt in lettering of at least 1.5 inches high. You have 30 days from your 1st tournament bowled to get your shirt made. Pants, jeans, or shorts that are no higher than 2 inches above the knee are permitted. Sweats, jogging suits, and other gym attire are not permitted. A good rule of thumb is: if it doesn’t have belt hoops and/or it has elastic or draw strings= not allowed.

Membership Dues:

Your annual dues ($20) must be paid by the final event of the year. Those winnings in the account that was not picked up from previous tournaments will be automatically renewed from those funds.


Standard Sweeper:

This is a posting of scores “Beat the Board” tournament, with 1 of every 5 entries cashing. Bowlers roll 3 games across 6 lanes. You can cash on both squads, but only once in the top 3 spots. The bowler with high handicap series on the 1st squad, is guaranteed to finish no lower than 2nd on the prize list.

Sweeper with Finals:

The bowlers with 1 of every 5 entries will make it to the semifinals will bowl 1 game elimination format to determine the champion.

King of the Hill:

This event only has one main squad, with entrants rolling 3 games across 6 lanes. 1 of 3 entries advance to round 2. Those bowlers draw for lanes that determine their opponent for their 1st match. The winners keep advancing, and draw for a new opponent until there is a winner.

Holiday – Multi-Day Tournament:

These events normally have 3 to 4 squads. You can cash on all squads, but only make the finals once. Each squad of these events have their own cut. The top 2 scores from each squad advances to eliminations style finals – held after the final squad of the tournament.

All formats are subject to modification.